iPhone Repairs Gold Coast - iPhone 4 Series

iPhone 4/4S Front Glass Touch Screen & LCD Display Replacement

iPhone 4/4S Dock Connector Replacement

iPhone 4/4S Battery Replacement

iPhone 4/4S Vibrator Replacement

iPhone 4/4S Antenna Replacement

iPhone 4/4S Headphone Jack Replacement

iPhone 4/4S Rear Glass Black or White

iPhone 4/4S Home Button Replacement

iPhone 4/4S Camera Replacement

iPhone 4/4S Volume, Lock & Silent Button Replacement

iPhone 4 / 4S Repair Pricing




iPhone 4 / 4S Screen Replacement (LCD and Digitizer)
iPhone 4 / 4S Back Cover Replacement
iPhone 4 / 4S Front and Back Replacement
Backup and Restore of Personal Information
1 Hour
Software Troubleshooting
1 Hour
Replacement Docking Port (Not Charging - Not Connecting To iTunes)
Replacement Battery (Not Charging - Low Battery Life)


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$45 Fee charged for diagnosing issues if the device is un-repairable. This fee only applies if a full diagnosis is requested by the customer after our initial checks are performed. Warranty covers parts replaced during repair only and may be void if the device has been dropped or mistreated after leaving our workshop.

iPhone 4 / 4S