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Website and Server Vulnerability Check and Repair

Website Security

How Secure is your website? Have you been provided the Joomla or WordPress content management system and if so, when was the last time you or your designer updated it? New vulnerabilites are found in common open source web software every day, without constant updates and server side security you could be vulnerable to:

Website Defacement

SQL Injections

Compromise of Sensitive Customer Data (Information Leaks)

Cross-Site Scripting

Path (Directory) Traversal

Code Injection / Remote File Inclusion

Mobile Techs can (with your written authorization) perform a vulnerability check on your website or server and provide a report on detected vulnerabilities and what is required to resolve them. If your existing hosting provider is unable or even worse unwilling to resolve security issues we can also provide a secure and reliable hosting service based in either Australia, France, USA, Germany and Canada.



web server security

Server Security

Do you run a dedicated server exposed to the internet? Do you regularly check for system security updates and known vulnerabilities? Without strong security policies in place your customer data may be at risk. Mobile Techs can (with your written authorization) perform a full server grade vulnerability test on your infrastructure providing a report on detected security issues and recommended modifications.

For customers not comfortable with the Linux operating system Mobile Techs can also perform the suggested modifications for you, either as a once off service or under a managed server contract. Ensure your business and customer data is safe with Mobile Techs Security.

Vulnerability Scanning Services




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