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Many users have given up on VoIP technology due to the configuration required to ensure the service operates correctly, not aware of the issues that can be caused by a network mis-configuration or even the routers inbuilt firewall. Mobile Techs has over 10 years experience with VoIP technology, for home and business users. From a single VoIP device to a complex network of multiple phones across multiple locations Mobile Techs can ensure your service is operating as it should.


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VoIP Phone Configuration and Sales

Need a VoIP service? Due to popular demand Mobile Techs can now offer business grade VoIP services to residential and business users. Dont trust your Business communications to a residential grade VoIP provider with low grade support. Mobile Techs provides full technical support to its clients using our many years of networking experience.

VoIP Configuration and VoIP Troubleshooting Australia

A VoIP service can significantly lower your telecommunications costs when configured correctly. Don’t let this new technology get you down, have Mobile Techs take care of it all for you!

Asterisk PBX Technician

Are you looking for a reliable alternative to your existing phone system with VoIP capability? Mobile Techs can build and configure a custom Linux based VoIP server using the Open Source Asterisk platform. Asterisk is an open source PBX (private branch exchange) that provides all the functionality of high-end business telephone systems, and much more. It is the world’s most flexible and extensible telephone system, providing many features that are not yet available in even the most advanced proprietary systems. It is also the world’s cheapest telephone system.

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How much do you spend on inter-office communications per month? With the Asterisk PBX you can have multiple remote offices connected to the primary server, allowing multiple simultaneous calls to each location – free of charge! Working from home? Not a problem! Remote extensions can be setup in minutes, with specialized Asterisk friendly devices removing the need for excessive router configuration as with standard VoIP services.

VoIP Support Australia

Already have an Asterisk system installed? Mobile Techs can provide configuration and support options to ensure your network is working to its full potential. 24/7 Monitoring can be setup to keep an eye on your network and advise on any issues that may cause downtime.

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