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Asterisk PBX Custom Dialplans

Asterisk PBX is a an open-source software program published by Digium (Now Sangoma) that you can use to enable a PC to run as a VoIP server. Asterisk can also be used to develop custom applications which can be used within an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

Mobile Techs IT can develop custom applications with built in database integration for your business. This can be used to automate processes or authenticate users for additional services.

One example usage is the Mobile Techs IT Emergency Support System – utilised for our Service Contract customers for after hours access to our technical support services. The flow for this application is as follows:

  1. Customer calls the designated support number.
  2. Customer is prompted to enter the support PIN provided.
  3. The PBX will check the PIN validity with the Emergency Support Database.
  4. If the PIN entered is valid the system will pull the customer name, account status and designated technician from the database.
  5. The account status will determine where the account is directed, disabled accounts are directed to an automated message.
  6. A valid account is welcomed to the system “Welcome back, Customer Name” is sent through the call using Text To Speech (TTS)
  7. The system will then run through attempting to dial the designated technician phone numbers.
  8. The call is then logged back into the database, along with the date and time of the call and technician name.

Addition and management of users can be managed by a custom web application with access to the Mobile Techs Emergency Support Database.

This is only one example of possible usage with a custom dialplan. Additional scripts created by Mobile Techs IT include Speech Recognition dial plans capable of dictating an SMS message over the phone, including SMS credit limit pulled from a user database.

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1 Custom Dial Plan $180/Hour Mobile Techs IT Custom Asterisk PBX Dial Plan – Design and Implementation.

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