Custom Projects

So, you want fancy software, cool features, and the ability to trust what you have to do its job, but you don’t want to pay retail for ‘boxed deal’ setups? Welcome to the glorious world of custom creation, deployment, and integration! Instead of paying horridly inflated prices for something that does close to what you want-save some money, save a LOT of stress, and save even more time with a solution fabricated specifically to meet your needs.

It all starts with a design. We will work out your exact needs with you, and come up with the rough idea. From there we will set up a testing environment, configure everything, and test it thoroughly to ensure it is deployment ready. Do you want VOIP integration with video conferencing? It’s done. You want automation and integration of your security system tied into your network so you can monitor and interact with employees on premises and route tasks quicker? We can make it happen. If you have an idea, we have the ability to make it happen, oftentimes for cheaper than generic options that will always leave you wanting ‘just one more feature’.

Business IT Support?

Get it done right the first time.